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Form 03

Stand Construction and Decoration

Note:  Liability for ordered items remain with the exhibitor till the end of the show. As stock is limited, late orders cannot be assured. Order forms must be received along with full payment by September 15, orders received after this date and all onsite orders will be subject to a surcharge of 15%. Ordered items will only be delivered after receipt of the full payment. All items are on a rental basis. Taxes will be extra, as per government regulations.


This form is applicable to exhibitors of Shell scheme package only.

No. Items Price (₹)
03.1 System wall panel, 2.5m X 1.0m 1200
03.2 System ceiling frame, 1m X 1m, 0.5m X 0.5m mandatory for room construction for stability 1200
03.3 System lockable swing door and top panel 5800
03.4 Needle punch carpet, per square meter 120

★ Payment Condition: 100% payment with the order forms, Taxes will be extra, as per government regulations.